The art of the Shamooly

How to shamooly?

Walking into La Galeria Elefante for the first time is like walking into an Alladin’s cave. Full of exquisite beautiful pieces for your home, body and soul. There isn’t a surface that isn’t adorned with Elly treasure, sourced from around the world each piece is unique and has its own story to tell. The longer you spend in the store, the more you realise that there is a method to the chaos. Each item is loving placed and displayed by a knowing and careful eye. Everything slave to the art of organising.

And this is the art of the Shamooly. A lot of time is spent in Elly land shamoolying. (Yes its an adjective as well as a noun) As pieces are sold, more arrive to replace them in the shamooly ebb and flow. This is what keeps the shop fresh and interesting. The main shop area is full of handcrafted candles, fragrant oils from India, tiny wishing dolls from Nepal, pastiched lamps adorned with mirrors, lovingly repurposed sunglasses form the ’60’s and ’70’s, hand-painted varnished soaps …to name but a few. Each item must be cleaned and carefully placed in its position. Displays must be changed regularly, items must be replaced once then have been sold. Work never stops on the shamooly mainline.

The art of organising

The Queen of the art of organising is without a doubt Charlotte. Knowing every last piece in the shop, Charlotte is the one that decides that a 1920’s flapper dress would definitely look best next to a vintage umbrella stand or a sign offering to feed unattended children espresso, will best set off a selection of coloured glass vases with yellow stoppers. It is without a doubt an art, how many times have you walked into an overstocked shop to walk straight back out so great was your sense of being overwhelmed.

At Elefante, the shamooly just draws you in. Each room shamoolyed for maximum effect, the cushion room, (yes theres a room just for cushions!) the Kids room, the African art room…each one arranged with care and affection to best display its haul of Elly treasure. It takes a certain eye to take such an eclectic range of pieces and place them in such a way. You will realise that not only do you need a cushion emblazend with the slogan “Fuck it” but you also need a 1930’s Japanese kimono, lovingly sourced, cleaned and displayed.

As you walk through the store with Victoria and Charlotte, you notice that they are constantly tweaking and teasing items back into place. And this is how the shamooly goes, if you stay there long enough you will find yourself doing it to……

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